Types of Varicose Veins and Laser Treatment

Varicose veins cause pain in the legs and hands. This is not a serious health problem. In this stage identifying the problem is more difficult. Varicose veins is the stage, the veins under the skin of the legs and hands enlarge. You may also not know how they look like

Causes of Varicose veins:

In Varicose veins, the walls of the blood vessels become weaker and less competent than the normal condition and lead to varicose veins. The causes are

● Age
● Hormonal changes
● Heredity
● Obesity
● Long time standing or sitting

There are two types of veins legs and arms.

1. Deep veins: In this condition muscles of the legs squeeze during walking. If a blood clot breaks off or travels through the bloodstream, through the heart. The venous system blocked by the clot is called deep vein.

Symptoms of Deep veins:

● Pain
● Swelling
● Warmth
● Redness
2. Superficial veins: Usually superficial veins are close to the surface of the body, where the deep veins are not too close to the skin. Superficial veins are more series than deep veins.

Symptoms of Superficial veins:

● Redness
● Warmth
● Limb pain
● Darkening of the skin over the vein
Laser treatment for Varicose veins:

There are many ways to treat varicose veins. But, choosing laser treatment shows faster results. Laser treatment is the best way to treat this problem. The laser produces the heat to reduce varicose veins. The laser will send the thin beam of radiation in the form of light to treat the specific area. If you feel difficulty or pain in your hands or legs consulting the specialists is the safe way to treat this problem. Before it turns to the major health problem.

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